A business idea takes flight, meaning more jobs for NMC grads.
Bryan Hammis first started “playing with drones” at NMC in 2011 while a student
in the traditional aviation program. Once he earned his private pilot’s license and
instrument rating, a love of agriculture led him to a job as a crop production manager
on a farm in Montcalm County, and he thought he might start a crop-spraying business.
He opted to continue his education at Michigan State University’s Institute
of Agriculture Technology. In 2019, an MSU partnership with NMC led Hammis
back to Traverse City for a two-week elective course and his UAS license. He then
conceived Flying Acres, a business providing aerial application services to farmers.
Business took off as soon as he and his wife Kaitlynn created their website last
fall. This summer he expects to hire up to three NMC UAS students to meet the
demand for Flying Acres’ services.
“We are going to be working closely with NMC through the years,” Hammis said.
“It’s great for us and we want it to be great for the college as well.” N
Photos by Kaitlynn Marie Photography
NMC debuts a stand-alone degree in uncrewed aerial systems this fall.