EDITOR'S NOTEDOUBLE GOLD FEELS GOODFINE ARTS INSTRUCTOR GLENN WOLFF Last year, for the second time, Nexus won a gold national award for community college magazines. “Great design, great feel, great job,” the judges said.Initially, that generic comment underwhelmed me. On the other hand, “great feel” is what we want readers to experience. Achieving that involves meticulous planning, but also a pinch of alchemy. This issue, that alchemy is the Art and Culture feature on p. 18, which resulted because I happened to go on a bike ride one August afternoon.Pedaling along the Boardman Lake Trail, I spotted NMC instructors Glenn Wolff (above), Rufus Snoddy and a student painting a mural on the backside of a warehouse. Right place, right time! While I snapped pictures with my phone, another NMC instructor out for a walk on the trail passed by. We all chatted together. I pedaled away with, yes, a great feeling. I hope it transcends the page.Other stories in this issue also offer great feelings. Taxpayers and students can feel great that three NMC programs have 100 percent employment (p. 10.) Students and families can feel great that they can tap new state scholarships targeted to both high school graduates and adult learners (p. 16.) Everyone should feel great after sampling the deliciousness at Merlyn’s Patisserie. (p. 20.)Will Nexus earn a third gold? This issue, you can also be a judge by taking a reader survey. Your input will help us improve the magazine, and could win you a Lobdell’s gift card. Thanks for reading. N