In January, 24 NMC aviation students and instructors flew eight aircraft from Traverse City to Venice, Florida for a two-week fight training. For nearly 40 years, the annual “venture learning” trip has given aviation students opportunities to experience a wide range of scenarios in the aircraft, including carrying passengers, flying the seaplane and flying cross country in the middle of winter. “All of these experiences build a more confident pilot,” said Alex Bloye, director of NMC Aviation.

Photos, clockwise from top left, show the NMC Cessna 172 feet on the ramp in Macon, Georgia; mountains near Asheville, N.C.; the busiest airport in the world, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport; and Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

NMC's students fly their first semester in NMC's aviation program.
➤ Photos by Adam Dykstra