NOTES & NOTABLES$30,000 IN PRIZES AWARDED FOR STUDENT VACCINATIONSTwo frontline adult learners got another boost toward their college goals last fall—a semester’s worth of tuition in NMC’s Big Win giveaway.NMC awarded $30,000 in tuition, housing and bookstore gift certificates as an incentive to students to get vaccinated against COVID-19. More than 900 students entered.SARAH SERGENT KELLEY NELSON The winners of the top two prizes, tuition and fees for the spring 2022 semester up to $10,000 in value, are: Sarah Sergent, 37, of Traverse City, a first-year student in NMC’s Marine Technology bachelor’s degree program, and Kelley Nelson, 38, of Bellaire, a Computer Information Technology student.Throughout the pandemic, NMC has prioritized student and employee safety while minimizing the disruption to learning.