LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTCONNECTOR-IN-CHIEFNICK NISSLEY, PRESIDENTEVERY DAY I wish more than a dozen people a happy birthday and write more than a dozen thank you and congratulations notes. Honestly, it’s often the best part of my day! This habit of gratitude is something I started years ago as I frst set out to defne who I wanted to be as a leader. It’s important to me to connect with people and show my appreciation, that’s always been true. But what has changed over the years are the ways I get to share that appreciation and make those connections. What used to be limited to only a phone call or letter may now also include a Facebook message and email. I simply have more ways than ever to quickly and easily connect with the people I care about.Such connections have always been vital. Over the last two years of the pandemic, however, it’s become more evident how signifcant human connection is to our well-being, and how necessary it is to cultivate that connection beyond face to face. Social media and video are two go-to ways. For instance, you’ll read in this issue about our nearly-fnalized strategic plan, which will guide the entire college through 2025. That plan has been developed almost entirely in Zoom meetings, yet despite the virtual setting, the energy and enthusiasm is palpable. We’ve had greater levels of participation and more meaningful cross campus collaboration!PRESIDENT NISSLEY, RIGHT, CONGRATULATES MEMBERS OF PHI THETA KAPPA, THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE HONOR SOCIETY, AT THE 2020 COMMENCEMENT CEREMONY.I’m proud of the dedication so many people in the college and wider community have devoted to this incredibly important effort. We have reimagined how the college will serve a changing body of learners. As the objectives and action steps unfold, bringing NMC toward our goals, that sense of connection and community, united in a common purpose, will only strengthen. It becomes a virtuous circle that began in dozens of Zoom rectangles.Thank you for your continued support of Northwestern Michigan College. Wishing you and yours a happy new year.